Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

We supply carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide, as well as in solid form (dry ice) to meet your various gas applications.

Linde’s OCAP joint venture in the Netherlands. Greenhouses require a lot of CO₂. Linde ensures a steady supply. Carbon dioxide from a refinery near Rotterdam is transported to Dutch greenhouses via a dense network of pipes. The CO₂ is used to increase plant yields.

Purity: we supply CO2 gas with High Purity ≥ 99.9 %

CO2 - Supply modes:
- Cylinders
    CO2 gas from Linde can be supplied in gas bottles and cylinders of various sizes to suit your needs:
    cylinder volume 20 kg with the working pressure 140 bar;
    cylinder bundles: 12 interconnected 50l oxygen cylinders with the working pressure 140 bar.

- Bulk CO2
Liquid carbon dioxide is delivered to our customers in liquid form, into onsite storage, for use in high-volume customer applications. Carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid in specialized vessels which can provide several days' supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas.

- Dry ice (solid CO2)

CO2 - common applications

  • Food industry
    Food chilling and freezing, carbonation and dispensing of beverages, for food extraction, Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
  • Welding
    MIG welding mild steel, welding carbon and alloy steel, shielding gas in plasma cutting

  • Water treatment
    Drinking water treatment and waste water pH control
  • Chemical industry
    As a replacement for CFC’s in foamed plastics production
  • Boosting production in greenhouses and pest control

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