Food & Beverage gases: BIOGON®

With BIOGON®, we offer a range of pure gases and gas mixtures specially developed for the food and beverage industry.

Glass filled with beer. 
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BIOGON® C - Food Grade Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide inhibits growth of many fungi and bacteria and as it has higher density than air it provides good blanketing properties. 

Applications and use:

    - Modified Atmosphere Packaging
    - Freezing & Cooling
    - Carbonation of beverage products

Minced meat in a box, Close up.

BIOGON® O – Oxygen for food and beverage 

Food grade oxygen is used in: 

    - Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – oxygen is usually used for packaging: 
           fruit and vegetables - oxygen allows the product to breathe and retain its freshness. 
           red meat – oxygen is used to maintain the colour of the meat. If the meat turns brown or grey, that means that concentration of oxygen is too low.  
    - Preparation of Drinking water
    - Inerting  

Salad packed in MAPAX modified atmosphere packaging.

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BIOGON® N – Nitrogen for food and beverage

Food grade nitrogen is used in: 

    - Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications to prevent pack collapse - In food packaging, nitrogen gas is used to eliminate the oxygen in the atmosphere, thus minimizing the growth of micro-organisms and the oxidation of fat.
    - Quick freezing and cooling 
    - Inerting 
    - Wine treatment - In the storing and bottling of wines and oils, nitrogen is used as an inert gas to eliminate oxidation and extend the shelf-life of the products.

Pizza on a plate.

BIOGON® Mixtures

We offer a wide range of two or three-component BIOGON® food grade gas mixtures of food grade oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Depending on your product characteristics, we supply customized gas mixtures, in varying percentages of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

We will work with you to assess your process and site requirements to develop the right gas mixture for the food packed.
Get in touch with our experts to find the gas mixture most suitable for your product.

The close-up shows bananas. This picture is used for the application of BANARG.


BANARG® is the food grade gas mixture that contains 96% of Nitrogen (N2) and 4% of Ethen (C2H2).

Used for:

    - ripening of bananas and citrus fruits
    - degeneration of tomatoes
    - to prevent outbreaks of onions and potatoes

The controlled supply of BANARG® into the air-conditioned storage rooms helps out during the maturing process of many fruits, especially bananas and citrus fruits.

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